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1988 110 LHD 2.5Td CSW

Available as is for £19995 Left hand drive USA Importable 110 Defender . Ideal candidate for our refurbishment programme .


  • Model: County Station Wagon
  • Variant: 2.5Td
  • Doors: 5
  • Year: 1988
  • Colour: White

We specialise in the refurbishment of defenders for USA Export , I have included some photos in the listing of some trucks we have recently commissioned . Please look on our website for more details . 

This listing is for a base truck we have recently shipped in from europe and is an ideal candidate for one of our builds or you can buy as is for £19995 . please email for shipping quotations to any destination . 

We drove this truck 350 miles back from europe and it runs and drives well . 

1988 110 2.5 19jTurbo Diesel 

LT 77 5 speed manual transmission 

Excellent rot free chassis 

Great strong running engine and smooth transmission 

Brown brushwood interior 

Tinted window panels 

Genuine factory station wagon 

Fully compliant with USA import regulations 

Please email to discuss your requirements

Last pic is of a truck we have just completed to autobiography spec for £59995 this truck would make an ideal base for such a build 

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